New Evidence Shows Squirrels Can Read

Yes, they can. But they’re quite picky about their reading material.



The Walnut Avenue Little Free Library

My West Seattle neighborhood has a brand new library that is so convenient, I often visit in my pajamas.


The Walnut Avenue Little Free Library (official registration in process)

It’s a Little Free Library, a new idea promoting literacy and the love of books that is sweeping the nation.

I first heard about the idea from my neighbor, who asked me to decorate the Library he was planning for our block. Our neighborhood is full of kids who love to read—particularly our neighbor’s daughter who supplied me with ideas for the design.

“Squirrels reading books!” she said, followed by a massive flood of other ideas: fairies, butterflies, wind-blown cherry blossoms, trees with books instead of leaves…

But, mostly squirrels reading books. That was the central theme.



It made sense – we live on Walnut Avenue, a leafy block with two enormous walnut trees nearby. Our yards are bustling with squirrels and we get a kick out of watching them go about their small mammal business—mainly filling our planters and windowboxes with caches of walnuts.

(And this time of year, quite a bit of chasing each other around the yard…but that’s a story for another post.)





Anyway, the love of reading grows and spreads. Chalk it up to the magic of the Little Free Library system.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and get a book! Or leave one. It’s free to everyone, and everyone is welcome. You don’t need to have a furry tail or live in a tree to use the Walnut Avenue Library.




Start your own Little Free Library! It’s a great way to spread the love of reading and build community. Find out more here.

Visit a Little Free Library near you.

And don’t forget to READ BOOKS!

(Including mine, which is coming to a reader near you…someday. I promise.)