Nevada Wildlife Areas

This was a large project I did over several years – the last phase was completed in 2011. There were over 50 signs for a variety of Wildlife Management Areas in the state of Nevada. I researched, wrote, designed and illustrated the signs. Some were installed podium-style, and others in roofed kiosks. Click on the image for a closer view.


Note: I added a signature/watermark on these images that doesn’t show on the final signs. Please do not download these images!

This sign was installed at Commins Lake.

Commins Lake is prized by fishermen for its trout.

The trophy fishery is threatened by invasive pike.

This sign was located at Hot Creek, a famous hot spring that is important habitat for native fish. The sign helps people understand that bathing in the hot springs has a negative impact on fish habitat.

Ever wonder how a hot spring gets hot?

Hot Creek is only a few feet deep! But so many people like to bathe in it, a light touch was the best way to get them to reconsider their actions.

This sign was located at Key Pittman Wildlife Management Area, an oasis for migrating birds.

This sign was installed with three others in a roofed kiosk.

This sign was installed in a kiosk at the Steptoe Wildlife Management Area.

This sign was also at Steptoe.