Mountains to Sound Greenway

These kiosks feature signs I created for the Mountains to Sound Greenway. There are eight of these kiosks located throughout the Greenway.

The individual panels are mounted onto the slanted-rectangle cedar backing wall.

For this project, I researched the cultural and natural history of the Mountains to Sound Greenway, which is a large area of land from Western Washington to Central Washington. I wrote all the text and designed and created original illustrations for all of the signs on each of the eight kiosks. These are only a few of the panels for this project. Click on the photo to get a closer look.


Note: I added a signature/watermark on these images that doesn’t show on the final signs. Please do not download these images!


The back side of the kiosk features two panels. The one on the left shows the range of different landscape/habitat types found in throughout the Greenway, and the one on the right in a site-specific interpretive panel. These differed over all eight of the kiosk locations.









This panel interprets the variety of landforms and habitats in the Greenway.








Each kiosk features its own site-specific interpretive panel.

This panel interprets Rattlesnake Ledge, part of the Cedar River Watershed, where the City of Seattle gets it’s drinking water.

The forest habitat at Tiger Mountain is featured on this panel.











This panel at Mount Si encourages hikers to respect sensitive wildlife habitat.

At Rattlesnake Mountain, hikers can learn a bit about forest wildlife.