Manson Champoeg State Park

This Oregon State Park is located on an historic farm site dating from pioneer days. It was discovered that the barn was actually much older than anyone realized…it turned out to be one of the oldest buildings still standing in the state. Where the farmhouse once stood is now a visitor center. The old kitchen garden has been recreated using some heritage varieties of garden fruits and vegetables. I researched, wrote text, designed and illustrated this series of four signs. Please do not download these images!

This shows a thumbnail of barn sign overlaid on a photo of the barn itself.

All the members of the original pioneer family are shown here in this view. From where you are standing as you read this sign, you can see the still-standing barn.

This sign shows the barn as it might have looked. You can still stand in this very location.

The kitchen garden.

The wife of the original pioneer was Native American.