Illustrated Fiction

WildEye (formerly titled “The Hollow Cedar”) is the first book in a trilogy I’m calling the Kids-in-Nature Series. It’s written for ‘early young adult’ readers and would be of interest to girls and boys who have a taste for adventure, wilderness survival, and nature.

It’s my first work of fiction and I’m currently working on the illustrations for the book.
















As you may have guessed from the cryptic breadcrumbs I’ve been leaving on Facebook:

It all started in the Amazon jungle.

Deep in the backwater, where the dark rainforest starts to close in, where vines twist and flail to find sunlight… it was there. It all came from there.

Sounds mysterious, right? Well, it is, but in case you’re thinking this is a story of monsters and zombies and evil, I’ll tell you right now…it isn’t. There’s none of that in this story. This is a story about the real world.

But don’t be fooled, real-world does not mean ordinary. Far from it.

Just consider for a moment… how much do you really know about what’s Out There? Nature’s not all fluffy and cute, you know. There’s stuff out there that would kill you in a second if given half a chance. And what if you were in a survival situation— where everything you thought you knew about the world was turned upside down? Would you adapt and survive—or would you just curl up and die?

And what if you were a teenage girl, a bit small for your age, with no special skills, no resources, no experience at all?

This is the root of story. A teenage girl. A mysterious connection to a boy from the past. Her friends. Survival. Nature…but outside the norm. Way outside the norm.

Oh. What’s so interesting about that? No vampires, no evil wizard, just some kids and trees and plants and animals? Sound like boring science stuff?

Well, I would remind you there’s a lot about the world…about the universe, really, that we haven’t even begun to comprehend. Everything you think you know so well, the blue sky, green trees…it’s all just an illusion, really. It’s just the little bit of Time/Space your five puny senses allow you perceive. There’s a lot more, a lot you never see. Things you could never even imagine. The mysteries of nature are as boundless as the universe itself.