Slow Earth Day


We’ve been celebrating April 22nd as Earth Day since 1970.  It’s a day when people flock outside to volunteer for eco-restoration or to work on other environmental or community-minded projects. It’s a great time to get involved, be active, and make a difference.

But now I think it’s time Earth Day had a companion: Slow Earth Day. We need a day to simply look, listen, and above all appreciate nature.

Let’s start today… or maybe tomorrow.

April 18th is hereby Slow Earth Day.



Even ordinary things in nature can be amazing, if you look beyond notions of “good nature” or “bad nature”. Just look, and appreciate. At least for one day.


It may not be that great…but it’s a pretty good piece of turf.

 From: Is Weedy the New Wild?


Earth Day is a day to get yourself outside. Slow Earth Day is a day to get outside yourself.

What would you look like to a woodpecker? Try seeing the world through wild eyes.

I did this illustration for my Federation Forest Project. We were trying to promote meaningful nature connections for children.


We’re all just big clumps of carbon-based molecules, arranged differently.

Ah, but what beautiful arrangements!













Happy Slow Earth Day!



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9 thoughts on “Slow Earth Day

  1. Hi Denise,

    Maybe a little too slow response…

    The Slow Earth Day is a great idea, and something to celebrate. Indeed, it is just the beginning. I think it is time for a Slow Decade.

  2. Such a beautiful, wise post… Every day, Slow Earth Day! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your store, too — exciting!! (Have you visited Etsy? I’m sure you’d do famously there!)

    • Thanks, FeyGirl! I’ve got some work to do to get things up and running, but thanks for the encouragement.

    • I mostly keep them. Soon, I will be setting up a “store” page where I will offer to sell prints of the originals for sale.

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