Primordial Valentine

One day as I walked through the shady forest, I saw something unusual. There, in a sunbeam, the air had suddenly come alive. I was witnessing an ancient botanical marvel.

Play the 2-minute video to see what I saw. (Make sure your speakers are on)!i=2343473907&k=9thZKWb

And don’t forget Valentines Day!









9 thoughts on “Primordial Valentine

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  2. How wonderful!! What a great and beautiful little expose of these marvels… I adore ferns. ADORE THEM! Just last weekend I visited one of our natural areas, aptly named “Fern Forest.” 🙂 They’re just fascinating, and I love you portray them.

    • Thank you, Christina! There is something wonderful in the design of a fern. When I look at them, I feel like I’m looking back in time.

    • Thanks! I saw a video animation once of what the actual structure looks like that releases the spores (the spores come from the spots on the underside of the leaves). It reminded me of tiny fist doing a wind-up and a releasing a fast ball…or millions of fast balls! It was a cool thing to see, and so unexpected!

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