“Not all those who wander are lost”

(quote from JRR Tolkien)

It’s a new year, and instead of a list of resolutions, I’ll just say a few words about what has inspired me to start this blog, and what I hope will inspire you as you read it.

This is a watercolor painting I did showing a Townsend’s Solitaire nesting on a Douglas fir log, hidden behind some sword ferns. Done in preparation for The Hollow Cedar.


Look for beauty in the world. It’s all around you, all it takes is open eyes and an open heart.

That’s pretty much it.

Now I have to go take a walk in the woods. It’s rainy and gray out there, and muddy and messy and full of problems and endangerments and things entangled in plastic—far from the idyllic sunny day when I painted that watercolor—but one thing I know…I will find beauty there.

Hope you do, too.



6 thoughts on ““Not all those who wander are lost”

    • Thanks, Trileigh! Now, once again…I’m off for a walk in an old growth forest… and it’s only a few minutes from my house and I live in urban Seattle. Lucky me!

  1. I heard Sherman Alexie on the radio recently, saying how for him nature is just like a hallway to get to another building–he far prefers cities. It made me think of how many people hold this opinion…and how many more will in coming years, as kids’ opportunities to get outside lessen with each generation. Makes me glad for the “No child left indoors” movement, and glad for your book. Hoping it is published soon!

    • Thanks, Pat! But, I’m crushed to hear that Mr. Alexie said that! It’s disappointing to know that so many people share his opinion, and how any more will do so in the future, having grown up with no chance to explore or discover wild nature. Who was it that said “you only preserve what you love…”?

    • You know it! I think I was most inspired by the mud today. It is a puree of tiny particles of past forests. They are still present…layers and layers of them, micro-pieces of ancient trees and new, tiny creatures…all busy doing their thing. I find that beautiful.

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