Lost and Found: Giant Eyeball

I’m sure you’ve seen it…the giant eyeball that was found on a Florida beach.

Photo made available by AP/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Carli Segelson.











No one knows yet what animal it came from. National Geographic says it looks like a giant squid, although from the photos on their site, squid eyes looked way different to me.

Some say it’s from a large fish or whale. Have you ever seen a blue-eyed fish? Or a blue-eyed whale?

I’m not saying this is a giant mutant sea creature or anything, but then again…





6 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Giant Eyeball

    • I’m still waiting for the genetic test to confirm…unless someone can explain why the pupils are round. I think fish pupils usually have a pointy part toward the front. This one looks perfectly round from the photo.

    • Oh, yeah. Those are blue eyes! And I guess swordfish have blue eyes, too. But, don’t fish have slightly odd-shaped pupils? This critter has perfectly round ones. Weird, isn’t it!

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