Cosmic Sightseeing 3

I was working on this week’s blog post, and I got a little distracted. I was just floating around, not quite grasping the subject.














So, I’m splitting the post in two.Today, we’ll have a pop quiz!

And in a day or two, another post with the answers and more sightseeing.


Take the Quiz:

What would you say the following things have in common:

An ancient Native American Village…


Pioneer homesteaders…


A gray whale…


Prairie flowers, a damselfly, a monarch caterpillar…


An alligator lizard, its prey, and the rocks that give them both shelter…


The City of Reno, the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe…



NASA photo.


And all the planets, stars, asteroids and cosmic structures in the observable Universe.

Image Credit: ESA/Herschel/PACS/SPIRE/Hill, Motte, HOBYS Key Programme Consortium


Leave a comment with your answer! (remember…you can leave comments without giving your real name if you want to.) And tune in to the blog tomorrow to see how you did.

I’ll just give you one hint: the answer is not 42.

6 thoughts on “Cosmic Sightseeing 3

  1. I guess the answer may be that they all matter. Or maybe it’s that they are all matter? Matter is generally considered to be anything that has mass and volume. It’s a general term for the substance of which all observable physical objects consist. Nevertheless, you paintings definitely matter – they are awesome….

    • Thank you Karen! And congratulations…you guessed correctly. I suppose this seemed so obvious that most people just looked right past it. But, there’s more to it…more that makes matter matter! I’ll go into that more next week, in more Cosmic Sightseeing.

  2. Ok, I was gonna say that all those subjects had been painted by the wonderful artist Denise Dahn, but the NASA photos blew that. And your hint on facebook of “12” ain’t so helpful either!

    Nice gray whale, by the way!

    • Thanks, Pat. Well, I think everyone will be mad at me when they see how easy the answer is. Except for the 12 clue. That was a real sneaky clue…I think it made it harder on you guys! Next time, I think I’ll be nicer!

    • Excellent, Larf! You are definitely on the right track. You are close to the heart of the matter. All that really matters is, you have given the matter some thought. And as a blogger, that matters a great deal to me!
      Now…anyone else care to guess?

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